Card payment (Visa and Mastercard)

Make quick card payments, with no intemediary required.

How can you benefit?

Achieve conversion rates of up to 95%.


Attract new customers with fast, safe online transactions.

Ensure secure transactions, with 24/7 monitoring and 3DS standard.

Avoid third party partners by working directly with PayU.

Payment cards supported:


  • What is chargeback?

    What is chargeback?

    Chargeback is initiated by the card holder and may result in the return of the funds by the seller. A bank determines whether the given chargeback is legitimate

    What is refund?

    What is refund?

    Refund is initiated by the seller. It relates to a specific card transaction and allows for the transfer of the transaction amount back to the customer.

    In what currencies are the cards serviced?

    In what currencies are the cards service

    If you plan expansion outside the borders of Hungary, we also service other currencies (EUR, CZK, HUF, RON, HRK, CHF) and we operate across the entire EU.

How to activate PayU?